Chapter XIX : Endings

Chapter 19: Endings


After the collapse place fall in a desert area came to the Imam and get rid of the monsters that show you to reach some of the barriers and at every checkpoint to yesterday fired by the fire to be able to transit until it reaches the halo express them and swim until you reach the other side came to find the barrier but yesterday he was shot and even offer up to two machines , And then you will find a door approached him to explode and you will have to swim in the space beware of debris until it reaches the yard and you'll face the ultimate monster.

Strategy to eliminate the leader of the latter



أولا / This monster is a head-like fish has three eyes.

ثانيا / I'll show you some of them will be saved, monsters or constantly focused on the larger goal.

ثالثا / You'll find the middle of the arena circle Stand by to find some signs that glow use the energy to hold one of them then Oqzvha Ali was appointed to the monster Tfqaha.

رابعا / After that ebullism every eye will see some feelers fired by the fire to cut.

خامسا / After pemphigoid third eye will swallow Monster Energy Fund blue do drag it from the stomach of the beast to kill him.


After killing the beast went to a friend and interact with the buttons to go up to him and then enjoy the spectacle of the end of the season and the game.

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