Twenty-eighth region : Engineering deck





Recorders : 1

Endoscope : -

Machines offer : -

Promotions : -

The main task : Comstock toppled statues.

The initial task – Comstock toppled statues : During the flight to get rid of enemies that Ttardek ships plane to hit the big ship go up on the board and kill the enemies and check out the rooms on the ship to get the necessary materials , Then progress towards the bow of the ship and press the lever to drop statues , Then progress to the rear of the ship and go up to the second floor via the wire gondolas and kill enemies continued to find room Below are three of the several open it to find the locks inside some of the material I get them out and then went to the ship provider to find a room with several locks open it to find a home The first recorded I get it , Then slide the handle lever to drop the statues and then fired on the enemy stationed on the ship, then use wire gondola up to the third floor of the pavilion is located on the ship and enter the door.


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